Wildfires are inevitable...

Wildfire damage is not

Does your insurance company offer:
Proactive defense of your property?
Onsite protection?
A commitment to save your home?
We do!
Shepard CEO Gary Shepard talks to Bill Handel about Wildfire protection, insurance and how the current wildfires may affect your insurance premiums.
How to Make Your Home Fire Safe

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Responding to the Zaca Wildfire, August 2007
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Preserve your assets and peace of mind!

No insurance company wants to see your house burn to the ground but few, if any, are more committed to preserving your valuable assets than AIG's Private Client Group, insurance exclusively tailored to high net-worth individuals with the backing of the world's largest insurance company.

No other insurance company offers the same level of proactive defense and no other company comes close to the conceirge-level of service you both expect and deserve. All with one goal in mind, the protection of your home and its contents.

The AIG Private Client Group prepares for the worst, whilst providing you with every tool to mitigate or eliminate loss where possible.

How does it work?

Your policy includes the following complimentary services provided by The AIG Private Client Group's exclusive Personal Wildfire Protection UnitSM:

  1. An on-site consultation to assess wildfire exposure levels (and appropriate action taken to reduce risk to your home.)
  2. Pre-treatment at the onset of wildfire season; if needed, on an annual basis, fire retardant is applied to perimeter brush on your property, to both enhance property protection and minimize potential threats.
  3. An emergency response unit that is automatically dispatched if a wildfire comes within three miles of your residence; fire retardant is applied to brush, outbuildings and all other combustible parts of the home, including landscaping.
    Note: The Wildfire Protection UnitSM uses the same fire retardant as the United States Forest Service. It is environmentally friendly, dries clearly and washes off with a hose or heavy rain.

Exclusive protection, Concierge-level Claims ServiceSM

Wildfire season endangers the most pristine and select areas of California. That’s why AIG Private Client Group, which caters exclusively to the nation’s wealthiest individuals and families, created the first-ever Wildfire Protection Unit,

No other carrier offers it. No other policyholders have access to it.

Couple this innovative coverage with AIG Private Client Group's commitment to customer satisfaction through their Concierge-level Claims ServiceSM and you finally have the coverage and service you and your family deserve.

If you own a home insured for $1 million or more, your insurance needs are not just anyone’s needs. Your insurance shouldn’t be just anyone’s insurance. How does your current provider measure up?

2 Homes, 1 Yacht and a Harley Davidson in the garage.

We know there's more to your net-worth than simply what's on paper. There's often a passionate pursuit that is difficult or costly to replace and necessitates the kind of coverage especially tailored for your needs. That’s why there's AIG Private Client Group representation through Shepard Insurance Agency, a company with over 65 years experience and exceptional risk-management expertise in protecting the families and assets of C-level executives, entertainment personalities, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and successful business owners.

Whether it's your second home, a priceless masterpiece, a classic auto, or an exceptional heirloom, AIG Private Client Group has the coverage you need.

It's your call...

It only takes a spark to threaten your home, and a simple phone call to initiate the protection you need. Contact us today at the number below or complete the form to the right before the worst happens.

Save your home. Protect your peace of mind.

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